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Choose from the selection of Facet5 tools

It's possible to use multiple tools during the employee lifecycle. You only need to test them once!


Facet5 Profile

Facet 5, a personality assessment tool, is the central processing unit of the Employee Life Cycle Manager.


Facet5 Audition

Defines critical requirements of a role.You can tailor recruitment messages to attract ideal candidates, then match them to their ideal job profiles. Audition generates interview questions which will improve unreliable informal interviews.


Facet5 Backdrop

Enables your staff and customers to define your corporate culture. This helps at all stages in the employee life cycle.


Facet5 Leading Edge

Defines management styles that will get the best out of individual employees.


Facet5 Searchlight

An overview of the features you can expect the individual to bring to your organisation.


Facet5 Strategic Leadership Review

Predicts leadership style and provides the basis for rich leadership development.


Facet5 Teamscape

Ensure teams get up to speed quickly whether project-based or functional, real or virtual.

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