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It's possible to use multiple tools during the employee lifecycle. You only need to test them once!


Facet5 Profile

Facet5 is one of the most modern tools for measuring human potential today. It provides a way to clearly and purposefully manage the life cycle of an employee, depicts his motivational factors and provides an overall overview of his further development. More about the product ->


Facet5 Audition

The Audition module allows HR professionals to effectively recruit employees, identify talents and make better decisions in the selection process. More about the product ->


Facet5 Backdrop

Facet5 BackDrop helps to define and compare the initial and ideal state of organizational culture. It provides a detailed overview of how the given organization is perceived, how company management, employees and customers would like to see it. More about the product ->


Facet5 Leading Edge

Its outputs will show managers in particular which approach most effectively motivates an individual to achieve the greatest possible performance at work. More about the product ->


Facet5 Searchlight

Provides an overview of an individual’s strongest points and their impact on the organization. More about the product ->


Facet5 Strategic Leadership Review

The Strategic Leader Capabilities (SLR) module is a process that combines and combines the Facet5 philosophy of the Personality Profile, and the so-called “360° Behavioral Assessment” techniques, in natural, easy-to-read language. More about the product ->


Facet5 Teamscape

A process that uses Facet5’s combined personality profiles for team development purposes. It clearly shows team culture, team dynamics, efficiency of working relationships and effectively managed work activities. More about the product ->

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